Artic Blast Reaches South Texas Gulf Coast; Panic spreads rampant!

The Four P’s are broadcast on all media outlets and a continious scroll crawls across the TV screen warning to protect “People, pipes, pets and plants” It may very well reach freezing tonight and with this wind, the wind chill will reach the low 20’s. In some areas, there could even be isolated areas of sleet. (The definition was given as falling rain that turns to ice crystals as it falls to the ground) Schools in the area will not start until 10 am in most areas due to the cold conditions.

I have sought shelter from this Artic blast cozied up in Moonbeam with a bold Merlot and a movie. Since I’m in my ‘winter quarters’, I have access to electricty and enjoy the comfort of a small electric heater. Hang on a sec…. my glass is only 1/2 full, brb. Anyway, I share this strange bit of pandimonium with you because it strikes me as being rather strange when 80% of the Country is experiencing deadly winter conditions. Seriously…..sleet?

To my friends and relatives that are truly going through harsh and dangerious conditions, be careful and be safe.


Oh, all right! Enough already! I’ll start writing again…No more nagging though, deal?

After being away for so long, I may just be writing to myself now. But at least my sister will quit hounding me about not writing anymore! Internet connection is still a challenge and will be infrequent at best but I will start writing about my travels and adventures.

Harry Nilsson – Moonbeam

Yep, sure ’nuff was cold

Last night across most of Colorado, the temps dropped to some of the coldest of the season with teens and single digits. As I snuggled down into my pile of covers with a hot mug of tea beside me I couldn’t help but think about all the people who are homeless and sleeping as best they can outside in the cold. As for me, my little caccoon had warmed from a crisp 37* to a near balmy 56* by bed time around 11 pm or so.

Have I told you about my 80-40 rule yet?  In general, the rule states; When the temperatures exceed 80* too far or fall below 40* too much, it’s time to get the Atlas out and fix the problem. This simple plan seemed the best solution to the delema of not having any heating or cooling systems in Moonbeam. I am now convinced it’s time to get the map out again.

In the past with the cold weather curtains in place I can expect the inside temp to be 10 -15* warmer than outside temps. If that was the case last night the low was around 15*.  At the first signs of daybreak, I peeked out from under the covers to note the air around me was an uncomfortable 26*. I quickly lit the fire under the coffee pot and returned to my covers and waited for the sounds and smell of perking coffee.

My goal was achieved. I set a new low temp record for sleeping in Moonbeam. A more sane person would be asking themselves right about now, “Why on Earth would you want to do that?”. My answer? I think there is a desire within me to always test myself… to push things just a little further… find new limits. I reflect back on things I’ve done and see this common thread laced in and around the fabric that makes me me. (no grammatical corrections, please)

But for now I am glad to be back inside my friend’s house where it’s warm and cozy.  Here’s a thought; Take a look in the hall closet and see if there might be a coat or two you haven’t worn for a year or two.  Is there an old sleeping bag or winter boots in the basement? Now is a good time to make a difference in someone’s life tonight.

Coldest night ever in Moonbeam

Tonight the forcast low for Pueblo Colorado is 12 degrees. I have been comfortable (kinda) at 22 last summer. It’s 9 pm here and when I left the house to check on the van, it was 37 inside it. I put my cold weather covers over the windows and have 2 small alcohol burners and 4 candles going and within 15 minutes the temp soared to 48 degrees. The challange tonight will be to manage the carbon monoxide levels and still keep the inside temp from falling to far into the 20’s. Not to worry, I’ve walked this tight rope before and I know to keep open ventilation. This will be a 5 blanket night for sure which is the max that I have. Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!