Artic Blast Reaches South Texas Gulf Coast; Panic spreads rampant!

The Four P’s are broadcast on all media outlets and a continious scroll crawls across the TV screen warning to protect “People, pipes, pets and plants” It may very well reach freezing tonight and with this wind, the wind chill will reach the low 20’s. In some areas, there could even be isolated areas of sleet. (The definition was given as falling rain that turns to ice crystals as it falls to the ground) Schools in the area will not start until 10 am in most areas due to the cold conditions.

I have sought shelter from this Artic blast cozied up in Moonbeam with a bold Merlot and a movie. Since I’m in my ‘winter quarters’, I have access to electricty and enjoy the comfort of a small electric heater. Hang on a sec…. my glass is only 1/2 full, brb. Anyway, I share this strange bit of pandimonium with you because it strikes me as being rather strange when 80% of the Country is experiencing deadly winter conditions. Seriously…..sleet?

To my friends and relatives that are truly going through harsh and dangerious conditions, be careful and be safe.


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  1. nancy1340
    Jan 24, 2014 @ 21:11:03

    Electric blanket, wine, cozy environment. Sounds like you got it made.
    Weren’t you going to give us an update on the trip across the border and how you liked the dentist?


  2. puddininvannawhite
    Feb 25, 2014 @ 14:05:38

    Hi Rach! Glad to see you’re blogging! Just wanted you to know that I built my van “Vanna White” out of inspiration of youtube Jennifer’s Blog on Vandwelling Woman. I went to Quartzsite for January and met another woman who said that she saw the video also and it inspired her! Just wanted you to know. By the way, I posted LOTS of pictures of my trip on my blog if you’re interested in seeing them.


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