Learning curve

Bear with me as I feel fumble my way around. Right now the learning curve is linear…straight up!


Site under construction-what an understatement!

Welcome to Me and Moonbeam. Through this blog and over time, I hope to share bits and pieces of my life that have relevance and interest as I wander the byways of my life as well as those of Rand McNally.  Moonbeam (the name of my van) has blessed my family with so many memories of road trips and journeys over her long years of service, (nineteen to be exact). Now her role is more than getting me to the store or taking a Sunday drive, she is now my home.  My intentions are to post pretty much real-time notes from where and what I’m doing along with pics and to fill in some of the hows and whys at 59, I find myself with a new meaning to mid-life crisis! I hope you will find these pages enjoyable to read and  join me on the journey to where ever! Now, how do I send this anyway??


I promise, it will get better soon! I wonder….will I ever master this??? Attempting to develop suitable categories is like pushing a rope. This could be either ‘I Wonder…..?’ or ‘Still Waters Run Deep’ Anyway, it’s just a test in either case.