I Wonder…. Sept. 30, 2011

I Wonder…   Do you see what I see?  It is totally clear to me but I travel with a group of these sitting on my dash so I may be biased. But that is a story for another day.

The place where I have camped, watched the Elk and hiked for the last few days is called Moranne Park. You saw the pictures of it when I filmed the Elk.  At the very upper end where it all starts, I found a herd of cow Elk gently grazing among the willows.  I have just recently taken up learning how to play the Native American flute and seeing the cows so close up inspired me to play a song for them just as maybe some unknown Native American might have done hundreds of years ago.

As I slowly followed them playing and watching and feeling very connected in a primal way to all around me, I found myself off the trail and climbing across rocks and boulders. I sat there at the head of Morrane Park in a private quite moment with Nature surrounding me  in all its glory.  As I turned to leave, I for the first time, saw this amazing stone icon who has for thousands of years solemnly watched over this peaceful Valley.

Do you see it too?

I Wonder….

How many other souls through time have sat here in this very place and said hello to this wonderful stoic figure?


I wonder….

I wonder how this boulder larger than a two story house split in two? Did it land so hard it split all at once? Or is a process that has occurred over the millenniums. Maybe

I Wonder....

lightning? Na…prolly not.

Reality check moment, Sept. 26

I Wonder…..

I’m setting in the waiting area of Grease Monkey while the crew is changing Moonbeam’s oil. As I sit here I think; I wonder if this could be Moonbeam’s last oil change. I have to face the fact that she wont last forever. The new windshield sticker will read : Next service at 217,443 miles.

I know the day will come when I am sitting in another waiting area and this grease covered guy comes through the door and says, “Miss, I am afraid I have bad news. There is nothing more we can do.”

As I pull the long steep grade up to the 12,000+ ft summit of Trail Ridge Road, I find myself stopping every few miles whether I have a reason or not just so Moonbeam can take a breather.


I promise, it will get better soon! I wonder….will I ever master this??? Attempting to develop suitable categories is like pushing a rope. This could be either ‘I Wonder…..?’ or ‘Still Waters Run Deep’ Anyway, it’s just a test in either case.