Sunrise-Saturday Oct 15

Looking East across Arches Nat. Park

These pictures were taken this morning. This is BLM land about 10 miles outside of Moab. The location is great for being close to Canyon Lands, Arches and Dead Horse Point area.
It’s not often I’m awake this early let alone oujtside in my PJ’s taking pictures!

View to the South

Moon setting to the West... sideways

For those of you with laptops, Turn to the left. Otherwise, tilt your head way over to view. The picture is turned the right way when I select it but during the import, it comes in this way???

To the North


Hike into backcountry of Rocky Mountain National Park

Note To Self….

Remember to take area map when hiking. Stay focused at all times.

As usual, there is a story with this one. Really. Speaking of really, I mean….

really?? Is all the camo necessary?

I wonder….

I wonder how this boulder larger than a two story house split in two? Did it land so hard it split all at once? Or is a process that has occurred over the millenniums. Maybe

I Wonder....

lightning? Na…prolly not.

Ok, back to the Elk story

As I remember, I left off with the ‘nothing but butts and elbows’ and intended to insert a picture of the Elk that started the story.

Well here he is and from this distance, he is huge with a capital H!

This guy is angry and testosterone is dripping from him

I wasn’t using any zoom on the camera either. Honestly, I could smell this guy he was so close. Trust me, he needed a long soak in a COLD river! I’ll also try to repost the thumbnails as I wanted them to be.

Hey YOU!!!

Say what??? You talkin to ME??

Well it’s still not really right but you get it, right? It wasn’t but a few minutes and these two got into a tussel.


Oh My Toto…..

Oh my Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore!!

I snapped this picture this morning as I travelled along the Colorado River on my way to Moab Utah.

 In the next week or so, I will visit Arches National Park and Canyon Lands National park.

Frustration with blog

Real time is nearly noon on Monday. I have been working on the last post for nearly two hours now trying to get the pictures loaded and written.  I give up… take my word it would have much better. My neck is killing me and my patience is non-existent. I’m sitting in a Grease Monkey parking lot doing this while my blood pressure is exceeding the cumulative air pressure of my tires and stress levels exceed the altitude. I need to go away for a few days and decompress.

Rocky Mnt. Nat. Park, Sept 29. 2011

As of yesterday 2 pm, I still had no firm plan as to when I would head west. Like a bolt of lightning, I was struck with the urge to bolt myself….west. So I did.

By 5 pm I had a campsite in Moraine Campground in Rocky Mountain National Park and was sitting by the meadow watching the Elk doing their thing.

View from my Bedroom

View from my bedroom


Morning Visitor


Even though most of the time they are quite distant, it’s wonderful to watch and listen to the Bulls posture, boast, bluff and sometimes fight. They go to great lengths to steal each others cows.

Alpha Bull and his herd of cowsBuggling a warning to another Bull


Hey! You talkin to ME??

Not always are they far away! I was walking back to camp when this guy runs up next to me. Great shot I’m thinking!! Little did I know there was another huge Bull just across the road behind me and they were ready to fight. It would have been a great shot but I was nothing but butt and elbows running the other way!

(Put in pic of huge Elk)

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