Gulf Coast or Bust

The weather here in Colorado is telling me it is time to turn tail and head for warmer climes. The last couple of nights have been well below freezing and last night it snowed. I have finished the last month of this ‘Colorado Season’ with a flurry of things I want to share with those following my ramblings. Even though I can’t post regulary, I’ve got it all down so between my daily written journal and my video journal, I should be able to reconstruct my travels.
Once I get settled on the Coast, I’ll be able to spend more time writing. One of the first things I plan on doing upon arriving In Port Aransas is to meet the Polly Anna shrimp boat at her dock and buy a pound of the biggest freshest shrimp you could ever imagine and have them on the grill within minutes. Now that’s “Good Eats”!