Gulf Coast or Bust

The weather here in Colorado is telling me it is time to turn tail and head for warmer climes. The last couple of nights have been well below freezing and last night it snowed. I have finished the last month of this ‘Colorado Season’ with a flurry of things I want to share with those following my ramblings. Even though I can’t post regulary, I’ve got it all down so between my daily written journal and my video journal, I should be able to reconstruct my travels.
Once I get settled on the Coast, I’ll be able to spend more time writing. One of the first things I plan on doing upon arriving In Port Aransas is to meet the Polly Anna shrimp boat at her dock and buy a pound of the biggest freshest shrimp you could ever imagine and have them on the grill within minutes. Now that’s “Good Eats”!


Oh, all right! Enough already! I’ll start writing again…No more nagging though, deal?

After being away for so long, I may just be writing to myself now. But at least my sister will quit hounding me about not writing anymore! Internet connection is still a challenge and will be infrequent at best but I will start writing about my travels and adventures.

Back to real time and Western Kansas

After spending a few days with a very good long time friend in Pueblo West, (Hi!) it was time to continue my slow decent from Colorado to sea level of Gulf of Mexico. Mondays trip for someone who doesn’t “drive like an old lady” I’ve been told, would be no more than five hours max. Me and Moonbeam reach our destination in a blistering nine hours, give or take an hour.

In our defense though, the Check Engine Soon light came on for the first time in nearly 20 years of driving and 215,000 miles. Being one who ALWAYS follows directions to the absolute letter, I consent to do as told. I pull over and pop the hood and proceed. Being a van, the engine I’m supposed to check is hidden deep within an overcrowded dark cavern.  I peer into the darkness, squinting. Ah Ha! Good. I can just barely see the top of something turning, that’s good I think. So after thoroughly checking the engine as directed, I continue on, as did the light.

I could tell the engine wasn’t running all that well but I didn’t know what else to do but press on. But now my “Old Lady speed” has decreased just a bit.

Upon leaving Rocky Ford, I spy a Farmers Market still open. Super! Maybe they have gourds for sale. After quite some time sorting through piles of still green gourds, I strike a deal for five and continue on.

Just inside the Kansas border lies my home town so I take the opportunity to visit another very good and long time friend. We tried to cram two years worth of life into two short hours. And it was really nice to have those two hours with you my friend!  

So off I head pressing into the impending darkness deeper into Kansas territory.  Arriving at my sister’s house, I enjoy hot  chicken and noodles and soon crash from such an exhausting drive. I know by now Moonbeam is not getting any better on its own so I head to the only repair shop in town. Their ace mechanic is off deer hunting. After fumbling for a while, the guys in charge inform me the diagnostic code translates to ‘rich fuel mixture’. That being not too hard to determine by sniffing the stinky exhaust fumes, I am given half a dozen less than well thought out guesses of what might be the cause. I’m not buying into much of anything I’m hearing. My suspicion for quite a while has been the fuel pump and still remains so.

Dilemma time. I can’t get it fixed here that’s a given. It’s 900 miles to where I’m headed, Aransas Pass Texas. I know that between here and there isn’t much more than endless miles of Mesquite trees with far-flung burgs of habitation scattered in. Most of which only have one repair shop as does this one. And if it happens to be deer season it’s closed.

I have once before been faced with a similar situation and I successfully made a four-hour mad dash to the Coast with a screaming alternator all the way. (Deer season, no mechanics) This is a whole lot further to go and can my luck hold out and Moonbeams old tired fuel pump hangs in there. If it can only pump another 80 gallons of gas it might work.

Friday morning will be the test. A true challenge for sure. Don’t you wish you could look forward to a trip like this? The chance of being stranded alongside the road in the middle of who knows where Texas…alone…and deer season!

Who can resist that?  So if it’s weeks before I return to these pages, you will know that’s how long it took my mechanic to shoot his damn deer!

Wish me Luck!

Frustration with blog

Real time is nearly noon on Monday. I have been working on the last post for nearly two hours now trying to get the pictures loaded and written.  I give up… take my word it would have much better. My neck is killing me and my patience is non-existent. I’m sitting in a Grease Monkey parking lot doing this while my blood pressure is exceeding the cumulative air pressure of my tires and stress levels exceed the altitude. I need to go away for a few days and decompress.

Learning curve

Bear with me as I feel fumble my way around. Right now the learning curve is linear…straight up!

Site under construction-what an understatement!

Welcome to Me and Moonbeam. Through this blog and over time, I hope to share bits and pieces of my life that have relevance and interest as I wander the byways of my life as well as those of Rand McNally.  Moonbeam (the name of my van) has blessed my family with so many memories of road trips and journeys over her long years of service, (nineteen to be exact). Now her role is more than getting me to the store or taking a Sunday drive, she is now my home.  My intentions are to post pretty much real-time notes from where and what I’m doing along with pics and to fill in some of the hows and whys at 59, I find myself with a new meaning to mid-life crisis! I hope you will find these pages enjoyable to read and  join me on the journey to where ever! Now, how do I send this anyway??