I think I have this figured out. With luck pictures of Progresso Mexico will follow. If not, well I guess this won’t be much of a post huh?

Welcome to Mexico, We hope you enjoy our beautiful city

Serious dudes

Serious dudes

Main street chaos on steroids

Main street chaos on steroids

"sidewalk' cafe? Drinks, danger and dancing, what can go wrong?

“sidewalk’ cafe? Drinks, danger and dancing, what can go wrong?

Street food is everywhere

Street food is everywhere

This roasted corn is delish! And like the taco stand, just don't

This roasted corn is delish! And like the taco stand, just don’t ask…eat

Hungry? I was and I wasn't dissapointed, even the next day

Hungry? I was and I wasn’t dissapointed, even the next day

Hummmm, thirsty? Why not

Hummmm, thirsty? Why not

Hi handsome... you from around here?

Hi handsome… you from around here?

Time to start looking for a Dentist. Where to start….





Maybe this one... nope, no habla englas

Maybe this one… nope, no habla englas

Maybe there is one here...or not

Maybe there is one here…or not

Ok, now we're gettin somewhere! I think I like this Doc.

Ok, now we’re gettin somewhere! I think I like this Doc.

My final choice, I mean how wrong could it go, A Texas Dentist in Mexico!

My final choice, I mean how wrong could it go, A Texas Dentist in Mexico!

What a day and what a place.


Survived first experience with Mexico’s Dental offerings

The alarm rang at some un-gawdly hour of darkness Saturday morning with a shrillness that would crack the paint off a wall. I don’t even own a time device and have lived outside the confines of being a slave to the hour for so long, I feel vialated by such an intrusion.
Yesterdays microwaved coffee will have to do and away I go to meet my transportation at the WalMart paqrking lot. I’m early and it gives me time to think of possible alternatives to what unknown lies ahead for me. I could dash inside and buy a bottle of gorillia glue and fix my tooth myself! Save who knows how much money! Flash forward to the glaring frown of some unknown Dentist who may or may not speak English as he/she strains to understand my attempt through clenched teeth to describe just how it happened they got glued together! Hey! Isn’t that my bus? Hola Mexico!
Once there, I started my search for a Dentist that I was comfortable with. First three were huge not only no but hell no’s. I was ready to call it off and bag it. I did find one that at least had assistants that could translate from Doctor to me and back what was going on. Total cost for a complete cleaning, X-rays, porcilin crown and one cavity filled, $220 US green backs. I go back this Friday to have the temporary removed and the final fitted.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Up date; I cant figure out how to do it. Insert instead of really cool pictures, about ten of the worst swear words of your choice. It won’t let me post mine!

Not looking forward to tomorrow

Yesterday morning as I was using my water-pic, I blasted a crown off that I have had for nearly half a century. I quickly assessed the situation and came up with a quick solution; a long and colorful string of “Sailor Talk”. After exhausting that, it was clear I needed the help of a Dentist. My first and only choice was….. Mexico!
From previous trips across the border to barter for stuff, I remember every third business down each side of the street was a tooth doctor. I mean. what could be better? Right? Well a couple of phone calls later and I am booked on a short bus leaving at 6 in the morning for Mexico. Don’t you wish you could have your own adventure like this? Holy crap…pray for me!

Good times and stories from Silverton Colorado

I’ve been here since early July and have had the opportunity to experience some wonderful moments. I’ve taken notes and photos and will be sharing these experiences with you soon. In a couple of days I’ll close this chapter of Silverton and open another when I find a place to settle for a couple of weeks. Thanks for being patient with me. I think you will love the story of “The Big Pot” . I think you will find “Studying With Bible John” a good read as well. Until later,


Testing the water with my big toe… seeing if I’m ready to start writing again

The date is April 7th and the water temp in the Gulf offshore from Port Aransas Texas is 68 degrees. Far from the comfort of the soothing hot springs of my beloved Valley View Hot Springs in Colorado. But for this time of year in a late spring on the Coastal Bend, 68 isn’t too bad. That being said, to actually wade out into the 68 degree surf is to say, at the least a breath-taking experience proportional to the depth of the wade and duration of your conviction.

I have mentioned before my degree of frustration navigating my way through WordPress processes and to a lesser extent, dealing with connecting to the Web in remote and unfamiliar areas.  Part of traveling and living alone is the desire to share the excitement of exploration, consternation and exhilaration of seeing and experiencing new places and meeting new people. When pared down, it’s all about validation. Validation that I was here. I did these things and I experienced wonderous adventures and met truly beautiful people along the way. I record daily in my journals and keep a video diary but those will most likely never be seen or read. To blog is different.

Here I can write to an unknown audience and upon posting, so far, people from 17 different countries have followed my journey. Amazing, simply amazing. I’m about a month away from leaving the shelter of the Southern Gulf Coast and head west back to Colorado, Utah or New Mexico. Since I don’t have constant internet connection, the opportunity to make frequent posts is impossible so, as I have done in the past, I write everything long hand and then from the drafts make posts when I feel like it or have the opportunity. Anything I might post could be real-time or it could be from last year when I hiked the arches and canyons of Utah.

If you enjoy following my trek through the autumn of my traveling days, be patient and I will bring you along with me as much as I can. maybe someday we could even share a campfire under a star filled Colorado night! I wish you all good roads and safe travels.


Update from the ‘Third Coast’

Guardians of the Navigation markers

Mercy me, it’s been nearly a month since I’ve posted even a single word. For shame for shame. Those who know me personally are aware of my habit of ‘dropping completely out of sight’ trick. They seem to occur with random predictability, in other words, every so often. I’ll blame being effected by Lunar cycles as the cause knowing few will buy it. But that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Have you figured out where the Third Coast is yet? In the three years I’ve been hanging around here, I have noticed the big time frequency in which the term is found but it never made any sense to me. Duh… East Coast, West Coast and the third is the Gulf Coast. So maybe my Lunar theory has more effect on me than I thought, like my brain!

The problem with my van, Moonbeam, still persists. No better but no worse either. It’s like getting used to walking with a limp, you just learn to live with it. I’ve put the “Mechanic in a bottle” stuff in the gas tank and replaced the fuel filter but no improvement. I think now it might not be the fuel pump either. Updates to follow as the story unfolds. I can still get around so I’ll work on it when I get to it. I mean, why do today what you can put off until tomorrow, right? (rest assured after that statement, it will stop dead in the road next time I drive it!)

The first night back on the Coast I made the 4 minute ferry float across to Mustang Island and Port Aransas. Once there I met both old friends and new as we all gathered at Waves Coffee house. It was so good to see my dear friend Susan and Stuart Michael Burns, singer/song writer extraordinaire. Colorado Carolyn popped in as well as Captain Chester of the Stray Cat. My new friends are gals from the internet group “Women-go-solo” that have converged here for a get together. It was a very nice welcome to my winter quarters.

clockwise, Capt. Chester, ?, Susan, Stuart, & me sailing on Stray Cat (1/1/2011)

 The Red Tide bloom was going full-bore for the first few days back and it made visiting the shore unpleasant for everyone but the crazy crowd. It effects the respiratory system of most folks. My new friend Carolyn, not from Colorado, and I braved the Tide early one morning and enjoyed coffee and breakfast on the beach. I had forgotten the added culinary experience of anything enjoyed ocean side….sand!

Breakfast served sea side with a hint of Red Tide & Sand

A few days after arrival, I had a chance to take Carloyn sailing aboard the Stray Cat. When we arrived at the Marina, I found my great friends from Dallas, Doug & Trish waiting to join us on the water. Oh my what a time we had! Carolyn probably wondered what kind of party maniacs she was sailing with. She thought it would be just a three-hour tour. But instead, at dark thirty pm and eight hours later, we docked back at the Marina! Damn, now that’s how it’s done aboard the Stray Cat!

Stray Cat sailing with dolphins In the Gulf,

I’ll leave you for now with a few pics from Port A. Next time I’ll pick up where I left off as the summer was winding down and I continued my travels and adventures in Colorado and Utah.

Kemp's ridley sea turtle, on endangered species list

Sunset over the Dunes

Sunset Solitude

Nearly there, still lucky

I’m sure there are many out there tonight who wont be able to sleep worrying about Me and Moonbeam being broke down in the middle of nowhere Texas.

Rest well my friends as we are doing ok. Actually  Moonbeam is doing better than I am. Over a period of nearly 11 hours, we have covered 550 miles today.  Anything over 60 mph and the engine starts cutting out and getting weird so it’s slow and easy-does it.

My sciatic nerve pain is another issue altogether! I was a hurtin unit by noon and now I’m tempted to call 911! This is WAY over my usual traveling distance per day. Like by about 300 miles!

Whaaaat??? Can’t I whine just a little? Humor me please.  With luck, next post will have a picture of the Ocean and a dead fish washed up on shore killed by the Red Tide. Oh, did I mention last night along the Coastal Bend they a new overnight low temp record. Yea, I can hear you…. “Stop your whining”.


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