Nearly there, still lucky

I’m sure there are many out there tonight who wont be able to sleep worrying about Me and Moonbeam being broke down in the middle of nowhere Texas.

Rest well my friends as we are doing ok. Actually  Moonbeam is doing better than I am. Over a period of nearly 11 hours, we have covered 550 miles today.  Anything over 60 mph and the engine starts cutting out and getting weird so it’s slow and easy-does it.

My sciatic nerve pain is another issue altogether! I was a hurtin unit by noon and now I’m tempted to call 911! This is WAY over my usual traveling distance per day. Like by about 300 miles!

Whaaaat??? Can’t I whine just a little? Humor me please.  With luck, next post will have a picture of the Ocean and a dead fish washed up on shore killed by the Red Tide. Oh, did I mention last night along the Coastal Bend they a new overnight low temp record. Yea, I can hear you…. “Stop your whining”.



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  1. Vickie
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 10:56:15

    Here’s hoping you’ve begun to resolve the problem with Moonbeam and are feeling a bit better yourself by now.

    My best belated guess in that the rich fuel code points to a sticking fuel injector, which can sometimes be resolved by the addition of a couple of bottles of injector cleaner with a fill-up. There are other possibilities, but a cheap, easy fix is always sweet! (A failing fuel pump would more likely result in a lean fuel code. Fuel pump replacements in vans are costly. Ask my van, Moby. He knows!) Codes are set and the check engine light activated when the computer is unable to make sufficient fuel “trim” adjustments to produce an emissions compliant air/fuel mixture.

    Anyway, I’ve sure enjoyed catching up! Although a native, my first Colorado hots springs experience was this summer. We’re hooked!



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